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Postpartum Support Group On the Central Coast of California

Connect with women who get it. Providing a safe space to feel heard, understood, and encouraged through the ups and downs of motherhood.

Find Community & Connection With Other Moms

Find Answers To Challenges You Face

Enjoy All Motherhood Has To Offer

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You looked forward to being a mother,

But now you find yourself wondering, “Is motherhood
this challenging for everyone, or is it just me?”

Motherhood, especially in the postpartum period, can come with a range of challenges that often go unnoticed and undiscussed. From the discomfort of physically healing to dealing with the exhaustion of sleepless nights, it’s easy to feel like no one else truly understands just how hard it is.

You don’t have to do this alone.
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If you are struggling with:

Mom Mood Boost is a postpartum support group where you can finally get the support and community you need!


What is the Mom Mood Boost Postpartum Support group?

The Mom Mood Boost support group on the Central Coast of California offers a welcoming and judgment-free space for new mothers to share their experiences and connect with others experiencing similar challenges. This group serves as a supportive community where you can freely express yourself, seek advice without fear of criticism, and discover comfort in knowing you’re not alone in your motherhood journey. Together, we uplift one another, exchange stories, and celebrate the small, yet significant, wins that enrich this incredible journey.

Often, the missing piece in our pregnancy and postpartum experiences is community support. By joining the Mom Mood Boost Support Group, we hope you find your mom tribe and the support that will carry you through postpartum and beyond!

Portrait Of Two Mothers With Babies Meeting Around Table On Play Date At Home

Parenthood adds a new dynamic to your life.

MMB Support Group can provide:


Who is the Mom Mood Boost support group for?

Mom Mood Boost was created for postpartum moms with young children (0-3 years).

During the group, we start by sharing our “high and low” for the week. We will then dive into a perinatal topic such as “How to reframe mom guilt”, “How to make time for me in postpartum”, or “How to cope with feelings of sadness or anxiety postpartum”.

We end the group by learning a coping tool to use for the week ahead to bring more calm, presence, and joy to your life!

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Megan Richert, LCSW, PMH-C | Founder & Clinical Director

Lindsey Beck, AMFT | BLOOM Associate Therapist

About Us

Why Choose Bloom Maternal Therapy

Because we are mothers too.

At BLOOM, we are more than just therapists. We genuinely
understand the ups and downs of motherhood and the value of
evidence-based care. We are here to provide the tools, support, and
empowerment you need to find your footing and feel grounded
through all the phases of this life adventure.

BLOOM Maternal Therapy was founded on deeply personal insights
into the challenges of adjusting to motherhood, to make sure that no
woman ever wonders, “Where is the support for me?”

Let us be your emotional sanctuary; your healing space; your place
to let it all out – judgment-free – during this beautiful, chaotic, amazing journey.

We Value


Motherhood is a journey with unique twists and turns for everyone. In our warm, comfortable space, your stories and feelings are met with understanding and compassion. Every mother’s experience is valid, and at BLOOM, you’re always heard.


We believe you know your life best. That’s why our therapy isn’t just about guidance – it’s a partnership. You lead the way, sharing what feels right for you, and together, we walk the path forward. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and strategies you need to live your best life.


Every mom’s story is unique, and we dive in with genuine curiosity, eager to understand your feelings and needs. We value consistent growth, both personally and professionally, so that we are always bringing the newest, most effective approaches to our sessions.

Our Team

Therapists who facilitate the Mom Mood Boost Postpartum Support Group


How the MMB Postpartum Support Group works

Motherhood is a deeply personal journey, and finding the right path means discovering what truly resonates with you, your family, and your partner.
Register For The Group

Secure a spot for the group by
clicking the “Book Now” button below. Sign up for the
next Mom Mood Boost support group meeting.

Attend Our Next Meeting
At your first MMB group meeting, you will sign a short consent form and provide payment information*.
Find The Support You Need
Enjoy meeting other new moms or moms-to-be and gain the community you have been looking for!

*After the group is over, your card will be billed for the group session rate of $25. A superbill will not be offered at this time.

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Questions About The Mom Mood Boost Postpartum Support Group

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Babies and toddlers are welcome to attend the group! There is plenty of space for toddlers to roam around and cozy couches to sit on and feed your baby.
This is an open group, meaning you can join at any time and you will only be charged for group sessions that you attend.
You can sign up by clicking the “Book Now” button and signing up for a spot in the “Mom Mood Boost Support Group” appointment. We look forward to seeing you at MMB soon!
MMB group will meet weekly as we feel that community is best built by meeting consistently weekly. We recommend that you try to commit to coming to the group weekly to feel connected to the other group members and gain the support you are seeking.
Oftentimes group support is missing in our pregnancy and postpartum journeys. We hope you find that by joining our Mom Mood Boost support group that you will find your mom tribe and support that will carry you through postpartum and beyond!

Postpartum Support Group On the Central Coast of California

Feeling better is the best possible outcome

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Every person is different and comes to the group with different challenges. Because of this, we can’t guarantee specific results or timeline, but our hope is that you find connections and support that help you notice positive changes such as:

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*If you are in need of immediate mental health assistance, call 911, your primary doctor, or call the SLO County Mental Health Line at 1-800-838-1381.*

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Postpartum Support Group On The Central Coast

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