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Camille DeBruin Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, Bloom Maternal Health, Pismo Beach CA

Camille DeBruin


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Populations Served

Individuals, Couples

Areas Of Focus

Adjustment to Parenthood, Parenting Challenges, Relationship Issues, Co-Parenting, Prenatal Anxiety, Prenatal Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, Postpartum Depression

The choice and the journey to become a parent can be a recipe for emotional upheaval – uncertainty and fear one moment, followed by joy, then exhaustion and depression, mixed with some satisfaction, and then a little self doubt and hopefully love. Sometimes in the midst of all that the unexpected happens and now loss, trauma and other challenging transitions occur. Life is not what you envisioned.

That’s when you and I connect.

I am focused on supporting individuals and couples as they go through this experience. My job is to empathically understand your situation, respect your values and feelings and work together so that you are stronger, healthier and whole.

I work primarily from a cognitive behavioral framework while mixing in mindfulness, attachment and family systems approaches in order to best meet your needs. I have training and experience working with children, adults and families in several different settings. I have supported women working through the emotional turbulence and chaos of a variety of mental health concerns, parenting issues and trauma. In addition, I have specialized training in reproductive issues including anxiety, grief and loss, infertility and depression.

Every experience is unique and personal and deserves to be explored in a compassionate and meaningful way. My goal is to provide you with a space to feel and gain tools so that you can grow, heal and feel whole once again. If you’re ready to get started, I offer a 20 minute phone consultation to assess if we will work well together.

Training & Education

Therapy Modalities

What Brings Me A Sense Of Ease

When I am not supporting individuals and families, I love to hang out with my family traveling to a new place, cooking a favorite recipe or going on a beach walk. I also love a good cup of coffee especially with a novel to transport me to another place. Podcasts, music and gardening also give me enjoyment.

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